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Hi, I’m so happy you stopped by.  


You must be a fan of romance and living life abundantly if you’ve found your way here!   


I’m a casual, laid–back kind of gal. One minute I’m flying high and the next moment I could be hanging low hoping only my toes get wet and desperately praying I’m not plunged into a stormy sea! But whether I’m soaring or struggling in turbulent waters I hang tight to my Lord! We’ve come through a lot together and there’s no use pretending I could have done it without Him! He’s my everything!   


My other everything, my Phillip…my sweet forever man of 49 years died in 2017. We were kids when we started our life–together adventure! Y’all know marriage isn’t easy, right? We worked hard to stay forever in love! We continually thanked God for His gracious kindness in keeping us together! I am blessed to have had a sweet forever romance for real!


I love reading inspirational romance…historical…contemporary…or…suspense! And…I LOVE writing romances!  


Thanks for being part of my life. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all better! Don’t be a stranger! Let’s keep in touch! We can touch base on social media or you can email me! I love to visit!  Talk to you soon! 

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