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Meet Kate!

Kate Barker is a lover of life. She’s particularly fond of inspirational historical love stories. She taught elementary school for several years, and is an avid photographer.


With her long time sweet husband, Kate raised three extraordinary children, now all married to remarkable spouses. She’s fed cattle in deep snow, doctored cows, horses, chickens, pigs, goats and sheep, learned to drive a team of horses, made soap, spun wool, opened a tearoom, had tea in a Ger in Mongolia, viewed the Three Gorges Dam in China and waved to the Queen of England.


Kate adores her grandchildren and feels grateful for each moment she can spend with them. She misses her husband—her soul–mate–lover since his death in 2017. He will forever be her always!


Today, Kate lives in northern California and writes Sweet Forever Romance stories.

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