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  • Kate Barker

A little “tale” about a long dog…..

Today, “Potts”, as the grandchildren nicknamed him, arrived at our house. His other “grandmother” brought him from Sacramento, so that we could transport him to his family at the ranch. He was supposed to have a nice vacation this year, away from cows and tractors and pick up trucks flying into the driveway, not looking for little dogs. Within a week, the plan changed and here he is pining, wandering around with a “hang dog” look and stretching out in front of every doorway hoping that when the door opens, it will be his “momma”, my darling daughter-in-law, Dolly.

An extra long mottled Dachshund, Spots is a true “foodie”. He eats about anything, especially if it’s not regular, plain, dog food !! The goats didn’t mind having a guest for lunch and Spots helped himself.

Fortunately he loves riding in cars, and will be very happy to load up tomorrow morning for the trip up the mountain to the ranch. He will be ecstatic when he sees the kids and his “momma”, and we will have safely delivered our cargo !

May all your journeys be safe ones,

Happy Infusions,


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