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  • Kate Barker

A Play Day…..I felted !

I wanted to play !

You know, make mud pies, or design sand castles.

Ignore, drown out, and escape those “adult issues” requiring a thoughtful decision making process.

Not for a life time, not even necessarily for a week or even the whole day……merely for a few hours.

Had to be a hands on activity…creative…there had to be an end product !

Cooking maybe?

That requires concentration. Nope !

Scrapbooking? Again…requires concentration.

I wanted to do something with my hands and let my mind entertain me….wander around and explore hidden places….and surprise me !

I can’t paint or draw….and my spinning wheel is broken.

But I have wool…lots of wool !

Wool I had dyed years ago in Surprise Valley.

Wool that I recently bought in Surprise Valley !

Found my felting books and brushed up on various projects and techniques.

Didn’t want to spend the time to felt a pair of boots……and good gracious it’s way too hot to even try these on !

I would create a flat piece of felted “art” . I had everything I needed !


Soap (old fashioned Fels Naptha),

a bamboo mat for rolling the wool,

a sink,

unlimited hot and cold water,

and lots of towels for slop and mess !

Several hours later, sporting shriveled fingers, and a very happy mind, I spread out my “felted art” to dry !

Infuse your life with Play Days !!

Happy Infusions,


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