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  • Kate Barker

Cousin Bonnie’s Apple Pie in a Cast Iron Skillet

  1. Our current collection of cast iron cooking ware:

We started using cast iron while living on our ranch in Surprise Valley. It seemed to fit our life style…durable, ( can take abuse), multi-purpose ( easily goes from stove to oven), inexpensive, lasts a life time ( or two) and cooks evenly. We still use cast iron at the ranch, but after replacing 3 Teflon skillets at our Redding home, I decided to invest in more cast iron cookware. My husband is a great cook, and the iron skillet suits his style and temperament..meaning he doesn’t want to worry about the pan he’s cooking in, while he’s cooking. An added bonus is having wrist and arms weights every time we cook !

Last week, at our Rinehart Family Reunion, in Cedarville, California, our Cousin Bonnie demonstrated how to make an apple pie in a cast iron skillet. We had asked everyone to bring a six inch cast iron skillet to make a pie for two. Twenty adult “Cousins”, and several of the younger generation, participated in this class.

Preparation began with peeling the apples: two young Rinehart cousins happily peeled 40 apples rather efficiently and floated them in water with a little lemon juice. Later, the apples were cored and sliced.

Pre-measured ingredients w

ere stationed at two tables and dowels (our rolling pins) distributed.

Bonnie, an excellent cook, and practiced pie maker, discussed the importance of handling the dough as little as possible. This photo shows Bonnie forming the dough into a ball.

Just a little note, one time, when we were in our twenties, Bonnie got up and made three pies before daylight, so we could take them to the branding that day ! I watched with fascination…my Grandma could bake a great pie, but I’d never seen anyone do it so quickly ! I’ve been intimated about making pies for over 40 years now !

The results were stunning. The ooobh’s and aaahhh’s from delighted cousins identifying and admiring their finished handiwork filled the room. Everyone hurried through dinner so they could dig into their apple pie in a cast iron skillet !

A perfect recipe for the 4th of July weekend … Cousin Bonnie’s Cast Iron Skillet Apple Pie.

Happy celebrating & may all your infusions be as sweet as apple pie !


Cousin Bonnie’s Cast Iron Skillet Apple Pie


1 cup regular flour 1/2 cup shortening, ( Crisco, not butter or oil) needs to be kept cool 1/2 teaspoon salt Using a fork or pastry blender, gradually work the shortening into the flour until it resembles pea size clumps

Add: 3 tablespoons water…mix in carefully Form in ball and cut in half

Roll 1 ball on floured board/counter in circle for bottom crust, it must extend over edge of the skillet.


2 good size cooking apples (Granny Smith or other favorite) peeled, cored, sliced 3/4 cup sugar “Scant” cup flour (just under a cup) Shake of cinnamon Mix well, pour into the 6″ iron skillet, mounding apples in the middle

Roll top crust larger than the skillet Remove excess dough Press sides of bottom and top crusts together to seal in juices Finish edge and top as desired…include vent holes

Brush crust with milk, using pastry brush Sprinkle top with cinnamon sugar

Bake at 400 degrees for 1 hour, no matter what size

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