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  • Kate Barker

Craving…..Tanzania Treasure Tea

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Yesterday, as I drove home from my tea room, the delightful aromas of all those teas were still lingering and taunting my senses. I literally began to crave one of my favorite teas. The wholesaler calls it Luponde, after the Tanzanian estate where it is grown. I call it Tanzania Treasure, a strong malty excellent tea ! Today, I raided the storehouse at the tea room and brought some home.

While the tea steeped, I waited, anticipating the flavor and taste, the aroma, the bright coppery color. Longing for that first sip, the five minute “proper” brewing time, seemed like forever. I paced. I wondered if other addictions were as compelling. Are drug addicts or alcoholics as driven to get their “fix”?

Tanzania is the fourth major tea producer in Africa. The Luponde Tea Estate is one of the oldest estates in southwestern Tanzania. In the remote Livingstone Mountains Luponde teas are grown at an elevation of 7000 feet. The Luponde Tea Estate has been certified Fairtrade for over a decade. The extra premiums from the Fairtrade have tremendous and lasting impact on the community: a medical clinic, nursery school, and schools in nearby villages have been built. Numerous other projects have also been completed. (Photo is a woman picking tea with her child, by Dave Blume)

The Tanzania Treasure tea met my every desired expectation ! I savored the aroma, the color, the taste…..oh I am thankful they know how to produce such fine teas in the high mountain region of Tanzania.

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