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  • Kate Barker

Laughter is Good Medicine

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

I have the most incredible Sweet Husband….loving father, great cook, sucessful business man, well read, politcally astute, world traveler, and good friend!

I’m amazed though,when he loads the dishwasher, he just can’t remember which soap to use. I know , I know, it has to do with our realms of interest. I know which bullets go in My gun, but if he ask me to hand him shells for another gun, I just hand him everything I can put my hands on… of those boxes has to be the right one. And I remember when he used to send me to Lakeview, Oregon (about an hour from our ranch, if you traveled over the dirt road pass) for tractor parts.. This was before cell phones. And the Part Man asked me questions I couldn’t answer. So I understand “realms of interest”….but really….the Dish soap and the Dishwasher soap don’t even look alike and they have clearly printed labels.

If I’m around he’ll ask me. If not, he figures it out by himself….and more than once, this has been the result……

Well, a floor can always use a good scrubbing.

And it’s good for a laugh…..after all laughter is good medicine!

Happy Infusions and remember to laugh !


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