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  • Kate Barker

Life’s a Bowl of Cherries

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

How many times have I heard “Life is just a bowl of cherries”?

And sometimes it’s true. Life just couldn’t be better!

Sweet and colorful, fresh and ripe….pleasant and perfect.

But like cherries in a bowl, I only have to wait a day or two and then, I find a cherry that is beginning to deteriorate…darkened skin…a little white place. The rotting process has begun!

I pick through the cherries, discarding all the decaying ones. Once again my bowl of cherries is perfect. I am diligent in this ritual until all the cherries have been eaten or thrown away.

I wish the “rotten” things in life could so easily be detected and so easily amended! My attentiveness might avert one disaster, and in the next moment, I am in the midst of another crisis.

I just want to enjoy that bowl of cherries!

Fortunately, tea time gives me the break I need to take a moment, breathe, relax and choose a new perspective to view my “chair of bowlies”! ( A Mary Engelbrit saying)

I like to listen to this version of the song….”Life is just a Bowl of Cherries” while I drink my tea and reflect!

Happy Infusions !


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