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  • Kate Barker

Manners Matter

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

While working my “floor time” at the Oregon St. Antique Mall, a customer grumbled “children definitely lack manners these days”.

Now, I know we have all seen parents who allow their children to run amuck in retail stores, in restaurants and at social gatherings. We have all observed a child “back talk” a parent or an elder, with no repercussions. And a natural conclusion might be that manners are antiquated, a custom of the past, and don’t matter anymore.

I agreed with the customer, that in some parenting circles, manners have taken a subordinate role in raising children. However, I assured her that I witnessed, first hand, an amazing community that is dedicated to teaching their children polite behavior.

My granddaughter celebrated her sixth birthday in January. She invited several of her friends (parents and younger siblings also came) to a party at the yogurt shop.

When the party ended, each child went to my granddaughter and thanked her. Each child was also reminded “go and thank Hayley’s mom too”. My granddaughter thanked her guests for coming, hugging her little girlfriends.

This isn’t the first time I have been impressed with this community’s dedication to manners. I have observed such courteous conduct at other parties, sporting events and at school. These wonderful parents are making a concerted effort to teach polite behavior, and it’s refreshing!

Happy Infusions!


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