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Not Your Momma’s Tea-Party Recipes

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

What could be more refreshing on a hot summer day than the traditional Southern Sweet Tea? What about “Tipsy Tea”….a fun “party” variation of an old favorite!

My daughter gave the me the inspiring and delightful book called, “Porch Parties”. This book is dedicated to cocktail recipes and lots of ideas for outdoor entertaining!

For “Tipsy Tea” start with a great Sweet Tea….

8 cups water 8 heaping teaspoons nice black tea in an infuser 1 cup sugar Bring 8 cups of water to a boil. Remove pan from heat. Add tea in the infuser. Stir in the sugar. Steep for at least one hour.

Fill a glass with ice and pour tea over ice.

Now add 2 ounces of Orange Flavored Vodka that has been chilled. Cut a round slice of an orange and then cut in 1/2 and use as a garnish.

Woowee…yummy…I’m sure this will be a hit!

Another Great Tea “Cocktail” is the Green Tea ‘Tini

This recipe calls for the use of a speciality item called:


According to the Zen Green Tea Liqueur website, this liqueur uses “green tea leaves from Kyoto, the historic capital of Japan, well-known for it’s superior quality tea.”

The Green Tea ‘Tini recipe is as follows:

3-4 ounces Citrus Flavored Vodka….chilled

2 ounces Green Tea Liqueur (Zen Green Tea Liqueur)

1 ounce lemon-lime soda

fresh lemon or lime slices

Using a cocktail shaker, combine the vodka, green tea liqueur, soda and ice. Shake well and strain into chilled martini glasses. Garnish with lemon or lime slices.

And toast to your health…after all your having your “green tea” aren’t you?

Iced tea is quite versatile… and can be combined with many other beverages to enhance flavors and taste. The famous “Arnold Palmer”…1/2 lemonade and 1/2 tea is quite refreshing.

So this summer, make it a point to try some new recipes featuring a great standby…iced tea!

Happy Summer Infusions!!


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