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  • Kate Barker

Parental Alert: FREE HEALTHCARE…Send your kids outside !!

What I heard on the news seemed doubtful. My mind whirled with questions: Why? How could this happen? Who doesn’t know sunshine is good for you ?

Reports have surfaced implying 7 out of 10 children in the USA are not getting enough Vitamin D. High blood pressure, low calcium levels and possibly heart disease are a few of the health issues concerning doctors.

Seven out of ten is an incredible number of children lacking in something that is FREE —-—-SUNSHINE! Vitamin D is naturally produced by humans when exposed to sunlight. A report from Reuters suggests that most children could benefit from a little more sunshine and without sunscreen for at least 15-2o minutes a day.

What’s happened to children being outdoors? My mother informed us on a daily basis that playing OUTSIDE was good for us. (I never imagined that she might want a little peace and quiet). We had each other and all our neighborhood friends and outside was where we wanted to be anyway ! Our children spent hours outside and of course, on the ranch, they had to work outdoors summer and winter. I am grateful that our grandchildren happily absorb many rays of health giving sunshine.


I live in a lovely neighborhood and am aware there are children here. I don’t hear them everyday. Maybe they are outside when they are someplace else. If this neighborhood is any indication though, there is truth in those reports !

I sure hope parents start sending their children outside more…after all…it’s good for them and it’s FREE HEALTHCARE !

Happy Sunshine Infusions,


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