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Poached Pears with Vanilla Ice Cream…

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

While sorting through my cookbook collection, I came across this delightful recipe in my “French Women Don’t Get Fat” book. (Very inspiring, by the way!)

I adapted it, since I didn’t have any Muscat Beaumes de Venise on hand…. What kind of wine is this? Ah ha, I had to look it up and found out it’s a dessert wine. (Sorry, my lack of wine knowledge is showing!) I decided to substitute a Sherry, but I think Brandy would also work…it’s good to experiment, n’est-ce pa?

Here’s the recipe:

Poached Pears with Vanilla Ice Cream

2 cups Muscat Beaumes de Venise or any good dessert wine

1/2 cup sugar ( I used 1/4 cup raw and 1/4 cup regular white)

2 tablespoons lemon juice

4 Bosc pears, peeled, cored and halved ( I cut them smaller to fit better in my dessert dish)

1 or more scoops of your favorite Vanilla Ice Cream ( I love homemade!)

In a heavy saucepan, bring wine and sugar to a boil. Simmer for 5 more minutes….

Add lemon juice and pears….cook about 10-15 more minutes on low to medium heat.

Cool and refrigerate.

When ready to serve, bring the pears to room temperature. Serve with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream and a sprig of mint!

A refreshing dessert perfect with tea!

I have missed my “mint patch” that used to grow right outside our back door at the ranch. It was proflic! Of course, the dripping faucet helped! Every winter, it would die down, and I would wonder if this was the year it wouldn’t revive. Behold, every spring, little green leaves appeared and I rejoiced!

This year I planted a little mint with my little viola’s. I can quickly grab a sprig or two…right outside my back door again! Can’t wait for iced tea season…of course this Saturday I have to make a Mint Julep and watch the Kentucky Derby!

Happy Infusions,


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