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  • Kate Barker

Thank God It Was A Recording….

After the dump run and a few more clean up chores at the ranch, I decided to hook up my Wild Blue internet and connect with the more populous parts of the world !

Wild Blue is especially helpful to us who live in the most remote areas on God’s Great Earth ! (Birds really like Wild Blue too).

We always unplug the internet when we leave. We know from experience that an unexpected storm and power outage might occur and wreck havoc with all kinds of systems ! This has been firmly established in our minds after we lost 2 freezers full of beef !!

I plugged in the internet device. However, my computer kept saying ” perhaps you are out of range”. Well, that made me hoppin’ mad ! It isn’t cheap to have high speed internet service in the boondocks and I sure expected it to work !

I called the tech support number, which of course, re-routed me to another number and then it wasn’t even a “living” human being, but a recording asking me to go through a few simple steps. While listening, and remembering not to respond to the recording, I performed the required tasks. Like a robot I unplugged and plugged in the device again. And, still holding the phone to my ear, I saw there was another cord lying there. The recording continued to give directions, which I only half heard. I plugged in the second cord and low and behold, my device started showing the tell tale yellow light that says we have a wireless connection !

Thank God I had been talking to a recording and not a real person !

Obviously, I should have had a cup of tea first….but, you know, any time is a good time for tea !

Happy Infusions,


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