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  • Kate Barker

Tiny Town 4th of July Parade

Lake City, a tiny town (229 approximate population) in Surprise Valley, hosted a grand 4th of July Parade. Half the town were spectators and the other half were parade participants.

Our family had two entries: 1. Mitch on his quad pulling a trailer loaded with a goose (plastic) and the “dog that can do no wrong”, Osa. (My son’s old hunting dog). and 2. Hayley, alternately riding, leading, or abandoning, Spaghetti, the “most patient pony in the world.”

Preparation for the parade :

Decorate the pony….

The quad, trailer and goose have been spruced up and loaded. Everyone takes a turn entertaining the pony so he won’t roll and mess up those perfect stars and that perky red bow.

Hey cowboy, that’s a mighty fine lookin’ horse !

Time to go. Hayley loads Spaghetti in the stock trailer.

Mitch checks his passengers before entering the line-up.

The Colors lead the way….

Uh oh…

…..who are all these people ?

Mitch’s Papa keeping pace.

Hayley and Spaghetti happy now to be with the other riders !

And a reminder for all of us….we have much to be thankful for….especially to live in the U.S.A.!

Hope you all had a blessed 4th of July !



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