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  • Kate Barker

Watch Your Step In Williamsburg

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

In Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia……

walking is the primary mode of transportation.

Occasionally, a messenger might come charging down the street……

or a military officer might ride by on a mighty steed.

Docile yoked oxen can be found resting in the shade before returning to their work in the fields.

Horse drawn vehicles are everywhere.

Functional and fast……

Fanciful and flowing….


First-class and formal….

In the evenings the horses retire to a serene green pasture..

surrounded by a split rail hand-notched fence.

And I wonder how, in those lovely long dresses,

did the ladies tip-toe through all the piles of horse poop scattered all over the road ?

Happy wondering….let’s have a cup of tea and be grateful for this wonderful day !

Happy Infusions,


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