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  • Kate Barker

Who the ? Where the ? Why the ?

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

My Sweet Husband and I relished the thought of being at our ranch for a few days !

We left Redding and after about two and half hours we started up Cedar Pass.

On top, we encountered snow ! What a wonderful sight.

Dropping down into Surprise Valley, the snow disappeared.

Well, there were patches here and there.

After we did the arrival clean up, we took our tea and stood on our front porch

marveling at the quiet and peaceful view.

And then we decided to take a walk out in the corral.

My Sweet Husband…”Who the hell built this fence?”

“Where the hell is that blankety, bleep, bleep, badger?”

“Why the hell is that dog so happy?”

I suggested it might be time for another cup of calming tea !

May all your cares be soothed with a cuppa !

Happy Infusions,


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