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Drink your bloomin’ tea…

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

A Mother’s Day tea….or tea for Mother’s Day…

Since Mother’s Day seemed to come out of nowhere this year, I haven’t had time to plan the kind of tea party I like to have for a Mother’s Day celebration. My mother has become a vegetarian, often times vegan, in her elder years. The delectable cucumber sandwiches….aren’t there some fantastic recipes out there….are perfectly suited for her. With the addition of Pear-Pecan Scones and Lemon-Strawberry Jam Squares we have a menu for a delightful tea party!

Nice idea.

My reality: there isn’t time to organize and prepare. My mother, however is a tea lover.

My solution: gift of a Blooming Tea, sometimes called Artisan or Display Tea.

In Southwestern China, green and white teas, picked early in the morning while the dew is still on the leaves, are selected and sorted according to type and size. Tea leaves are shaped and formed around a blossom or petals artistically designed in the center and then tied with a silk or thin cotton thread. Each creation can take one to ten minutes to complete.

Using a glass tea pot or tea cup offers the most dramatic presentation……

Watching the leaves unfold to reveal their secret surprise is magical and mysterious….and sparks great conversation.

The tea is light and refreshing…very mild.

And the blooms can be preserved for several days if kept in cold water…..I like to use it as a centerpiece on the table.

Wouldn’t any mother be thrilled? She can feast her eyes and drink her bloomin’ tea!

May all your days be full of bloomin’ joy!

Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Infusions,


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