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  • Kate Barker

The Wrangler's Wedding Pact is available for pre-order now!!

I'm SO excited! I've been waiting to share this with all of you! If you've signed up for my Newsletter, you've already seen the cover! :)

Pre-Order here:

A little bit about the story: For Charlotte Carpenter, a job out West as a child’s caretaker represents freedom and independence. But when she arrives, circumstances dictate that she must marry the child’s father for propriety’s sake. Charlotte has always seen marriage as a trap, an opinion that’s shared by her groom, Paul Harrison. He assures her their match is temporary—to sell his herd of horses, with an annulment at the journey’s end. But as they travel on the trail together, will their temporary marriage turn into lasting love?

A fellow writer, Shannon Redmon, created this amazing book trailer. I hope you enjoy it!

I'll be doing some giveaways in June so stay tuned!!

Have a blessed week!

I'm happy writing Sweet Forever Romance stories.


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