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  • Kate Barker

What’s Happening on Oregon Street ?

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Good News is happening on Oregon Street !!

After months of patiently working to obtain a building permit….

the Oregon Street Antique Mall ……

is in full swing ( that’s with a hammer and crow bar) in creating a new stair case…

which will open up the entire second story. Several dealers are arranging their wares in anticipation of the completed project. I know there is a grand opening planned and we’ll keep everyone up to date !!

And right next door at Tapas Downtown there is more construction activity….

come take a peek…..

Yes, the walls have been knocked down and the gallery area is being expanded !!

This new room will accommodatelarge groups…so book your Christmas party now !!

We are blessed and thankful to be multiplying and growing on Oregon Street !!

All this work just makes me want to have a cuppa tea !

Happy Infusions,


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